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Writing from flick(e)ring images

Tempting the muse with pretty pictures

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Many folks who like to write find themselves with the dreaded Blank Page Syndrome. This community is one attempt to break through such a barrier. It is a 'writing prompts' community, in that there will be periodic posts (I'm aiming for once a week; we'll see how that changes with use) including the prompts to be claimed and written about.

Who can watch this community? Anybody who's interested.

Who can join this community? Again, anyone interested, though I'd hope if you join you'll commit to writing at least one piece a month, since, well, the whole POINT of the community is to get people writing more often. Everything improves with practice, and you learn to write by writing. In this community, the prompts are photographs, specifically photos posted to Flickr whose owners have said it's all right for other people to use them in derivative works. When looking for inspiration, don't feel you have to 'explain' the photo; consider it to be an illustration to your unwritten-as-yet story and go anywhere your muse takes you. You won't get mocked, though if you include a 'Critiques Welcome' line in your post, we may well chip in with constructive comments. If anyone starts abusing this power (and the posters), never fear, I have a baseball bat with nails in it and I'm not afraid to use it on twits who can't help build a nurturing creative atmosphere. :->

So what makes you different from all those other writing prompts communities out there? Our inspirations are images, not sentences, words, or any of the other modalities out there. We don't think this makes us better, but it does make us different, and different is good when it comes to tempting finicky muses.

How do I participate? Post a comment in one of the 'PROMPTS' entries (see below) stating your intention to write about a given prompt. It doesn't have to be the most recent set of prompts by any means, if one of the older ones has a picture you like. Original universes and fanfiction are both welcome, though derivative works should be marked as to what worlds/characters they use, and if there is Flagrant Sexual Content, many readers would appreciate knowing before they click through to the story. When you've got your piece done, I hope you'll post it to the community for us all to read.
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