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Prompts III -- a bit more variety this time. Especially SFnal?

Going through the most-recently-updated photos and picking out the most fertile ten is wonderfully addictive; I think I'm going a little overboard with prompts posts this first week. Don't worry, I'll settle down soon, I'm sure. :-> I've been trying to change it up a bit from post to post on how I pick what to show you; if you still haven't seen anything that makes your muse sit up and beg, please comment about what you'd like to see less/more of in future prompt posts.

If one of these images inspires you, call dibs by posting a comment. I'll put your name after it, and when you've finished your piece, post or link it into this community so we can all cheer you on! Don't worry about it if someone else has already been inspired by the picture that inspires you; there is no 'ownership' of a prompt in this community.

Original or derivative (fanfiction) works are both welcome. G-rated and explicit are both welcome, and everything in between, though anything past PG should be noted as such, for the benefit of those who don't like to read about Dangly Bits.

You don't need to 'explain' a picture; just imagine it as an illustration to your unwritten story. Any connection is fair game (however slim), feel free to go hog-wild.

If you'd like a larger version of any of these pictures, click the image. To help keep our community's look uniform, you can copy/paste the info in the rightmost box of your photo's row into the top of your story post, and change anything in [square brackets] to apply to your story.
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1 burningairlines giveyou somuchmore, alessandro
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